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Thermalign is the sole distributer of GTI Predictive suite of products in Australia. GTI Predictive have developed iPad based predictive maintenance apps which go to the heart of condition monitoring in an easy to master package, at an affordable price. Thermalign personnel are also sessional trainers for a number of companies with courses from bearing maintenance to thermography.


ThermAlign has designed the MEDUSA system. An online, portable, machine monitoring, SCADA system with the ability to monitor both locally and remotely.  With an array of sensors aimed at getting the complete machine picture, MEDUSA will undoubtably be a valuable asset commissioning and troubleshooting tool.

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GTI Predictive Technology offers a product family that can combine vibration data collection and analysis with balancing, shaft alignment, thermography and ultrasound into one affordable and completely scalable solution on one simple to use platform.

GTI Predictive Technology apps are customer driven. Many of the new additions to our apps have come directly from customers. Once these tools are added to our existing apps they are available to all of our users – all for free!

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With a long history in training and mentoring of technical personnel, Thermalign has a wealth of experience in delivering training and mentoring by utilising effective communication techniques across all levels.

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ThermAlign can help diagnose issues with even your most problematic equipment!

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