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Precision maintenance is a term often used but seldom implemented. Thermalign has a long history of precision maintenance. With a long background in military aviation, precision maintenance and asset reliability is bred into everything we do.


Bearing installations are a speciality of Thermalign. Utilising hydraulic, induction heating and mechanical methods, along with correct techniques and procedures, Thermalign installs bearings on equipment from small fans to reclaimers and more.

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Laser alignments are a common task for Thermalign staff. We have carried out alignments on varied equipment across the world including turbines, underground winders and mills. Capability and experience to offset as noted in drawings or conduct thermal growth study to establish in use alignment conditions. Horizontal, vertical, spacer shaft, cardan shaft, machine train all catered for.

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Thermalign can assist in lubrication audits and regime implementation. From site wide to individual asset, we can determine the optimal lubricant, replenishment amount and frequency, and any auto lube requirements you may have.

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ThermAlign can help diagnose issues with even your most problematic equipment!

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