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The importance of monitoring machine condition cannot be over emphasised. The art of condition monitoring should be utilised in many different ways to aid in plant reliability. Utilising many methods, Thermalign can assist in improving your asset reliability with input into Root Cause Failure Analysis, Vibration Analysis, Thermography, Motion Amplification & Lubrication Analysis.


Thermalign utilises GTI Predictive wireless technology to gather vibration signatures from your machines. Using either the data collector or cloud services, Thermalign will analyse the data and submit an easy to read, action report. No excessive jargon or over-complication. Effective reporting is all about getting the information to the client, we will work with you to develop a report that you, the client, finds easy to interpret and action, not just filed away.

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ThermAlign has designed the MEDUSA system. An online, portable, machine monitoring, SCADA system with the ability to monitor both locally and remotely.  With an array of sensors aimed at getting the complete machine picture, MEDUSA will undoubtably be a valuable asset commissioning and troubleshooting tool.

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RDI Iris M technology is relatively new to the Con Mon field and is ideally suited to orbit plots, ODS, structural and run speed issues. With the technology and trained experienced operator, video reports are submitted giving the client an instant understanding to what is occurring with their assets.

Please visit the Motion Amplification Australia website for more information.


Whether it is electrical or mechanical, thermography is a great tool for finding faults in equipment and trending assets. Another visual medium, this method of condition monitoring really does assist in detecting where the next issue may well be initiated. Thermalign are trained and certified in the use of this technology, a must for anyone serious about the inspection.


Lubrication analysis plays an important part in machinery condition monitoring. From early failure warnings to lubricant condition, this application really does save the maintenance budget in a number of ways.

ThermAlign can help diagnose issues with even your most problematic equipment!

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