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VibePro-6-with-iPad-Air-800x450ThermAlign is the sole authorised distribute of GTI Predictive Technology’ reliability equipment.

GTI Spindle is a USA based company utilising new technology in order to make reliability instruments both integrated and affordable. Using the new IPad with the new I7 chip, GTI brings vibration analysis and dynamic balancing within every maintenance team’s budget.

With world class vibration analysis, dynamic balancing, laser shaft alignment and geometric alignment available on this platform, without proprietary equipment high cost electronics, these intuitive high end maintenance applications are sure to take this product category by storm.

Wireless Technology by ThermAlign Pty Ltd

NODE Sensor Platform Introduction Video by GTI Spindle
VibePro 6 Overview Vibration Analysis and Data Trending on the iPad by GTI Predictive Technology
iPad Vibration Analyzer, Balancer, and Thermography System Overview