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Laser Shaft Alignment Services

When you work in industry, you want to guarantee your machinery is well aligned, to extend its overall lifespan and save you money through reduced downtime and repairs.

Ensure your drive is operating in an optimum, cost effective manner with laser shaft alignment services from ThermAlign. We are leaders in our field, offering state of the art precision and technological innovations, which align your machinery to perfection.

Why should I use your laser alignment services?

laser shaft alignment

The answer to that question is simple – it saves you money.

Yes, it costs to have your assets precision aligned with a laser service, however, it will cost considerably more if you do not. There are a number of ways misalignment can cost you money including:

  • Power Absorption. A misaligned drive produces heat, heat is energy being transferred to atmosphere. Energy transferred to atmosphere is the same as cash being transferred to atmosphere.
  • Vibration: This is another source of energy loss that can result too much energy expenditure over time. Vibration can have catastrophic consequences on your machinery.
  • Premature failure: A misaligned drive will give a reduced operational lifespan, meaning you will have to spend more money repairing or replacing your machinery in the future. There is also the added frustration of having to re-train staff on newly acquired models, leading to further downtime in work processes.
  • Manpower: costs of replacing parts prematurely throughout the lifespan of the asset.
  • Downtime: Delays in having misaligned machines continually repaired will reduce productivity. Often the major cost to a plant is in the unplanned downtime of critical assets. Whether production stops or operates at reduced capacity, the costs involved are usually quite large.

The Advantages of Laser

Shaft, or coupling alignment can be achieved in a number of ways, however the laser alignment method is the most efficient and accurate. Laser alignment services have numerous advantages including:

  • The capacity to digitally store alignment values
  • Beams are unaffected by bracket sag or gravity
  • Lasers can measure just the rotational centers regardless of shaft eccentricity or runout
  • Measure both intended and unintended shaft movement, so total movement can be accurately pinpointed
  • Can diagnose and repair soft foot, bolt bound, and base bound problems
  • Can measure long span alignments
  • Allow alignment of machine trains as lasers can measure two coupled machines at once
  • Measure both vertically and horizontally oriented machines
  • Can measure complex alignment functions i.e. cardan shaft

For more information on our state of the art laser services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Based in Mordialloc, we service all of Melbourne and Victoria.

Can you afford not to have your drives precision aligned by trained professionals with laser technology?

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